7 Signs Your Mazda's Tires Need to Be Replaced

Can You Spot A Worn Out Tire? It Could Mean All the Difference in Reaching Your Destination Safely.

As you probably already know, tires are a very important part of your vehicle. Besides the obvious fact that your vehicles rolls on tires, they also play an important role in its safe operation. Good tires roll better, which increases performance and fuel economy, but they also decrease the distance it takes to bring your vehicle to a stop. They deliver better traction, which is invaluable in inclement weather, and they provide an overall more enjoyable driving experience.

To the contrary, bad tires can lead to shaky handling, inconsistent braking performance, and significantly decreased fuel efficiency. Tires provide telltale signs that they need to be replaced, perhaps the most noticeable sign is how your vehicle handles. If you are skidding to a stop at every light and stop sign--assuming you are following the speed--limit, it is important to get them checked out. Likewise, if smooth roads feel bumpy, or you often hydroplane in wet weather, the tires are a likely culprit.

The next sign is a visible decrease in tread depth. Ideally, the tread depth on your tires should never be less than 1.6 millimeters, minimum. One common trick to help estimate tread depth is to take a penny and stick it in the tread. If Lincoln's entire head is visible, it is time for a change. Newer tires have tread wear bars that are not visible with full tread and begin to appear as the tread wears down. Other physical warning signs are cracks, bulges, and blisters that could be signs of an impending blow-out.

To summarize, the top 7 signs your tires may need to be replaced are as follows:

  1. Skidding to a stop at every light and stop sign (at legal speed limit).
  2. Smooth roads feel bumpy.
  3. Hydroplaning in wet weather.
  4. Decrease in tread depth/visible tread wear bars for newer tires.
  5. Cracks.
  6. Bulges.
  7. Blisters.

If your vehicle needs new tires, bring it into Premier Mazda. Not only do we have all the major tire brands, we know exactly which tires best fit your vehicle. We offer competitive pricing, 24-month road hazard coverage, and the expertise of our Mazda-trained service professionals. If you have any questions about tires, or any other vehicle maintenance issues, don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience. If you would rather speak to someone in person, you can always come visit us here at 141 Stevens Street in Hyannis. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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